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MovingPandas is a Python library for handling movement data based on Pandas, GeoPandas, and HoloViz.

MovingPandas provides trajectory data structures and functions for movement data exploration and analysis.

The official MovingPandas API documentation is hosted on ReadTheDocs.

For more information about individual releases, check out the Changelog.

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Interactive trajectory visualization using hvplot

Trajectory cleaning & smoothing

Stop detection and splitting

What’s next?

MovingPandas is under active development and there are some exciting features coming up. If you’d like to contribute to this project, you’re welcome to head on over to the Github repo!

Citation information

Please cite [0] when using MovingPandas in your research and reference the appropriate release version. All releases of MovingPandas are listed on Zenodo where you will find citation information, including DOIs.

[0] Graser, A. (2019). MovingPandas: Efficient Structures for Movement Data in Python. GI_Forum ‒ Journal of Geographic Information Science 2019, 1-2019, 54-68. doi:10.1553/giscience2019_01_s54.